Foosball Table

Carrom Board

If you are a lover of indoor sports, especially the evergreen carrom, then this carrom board from the house of OSW should be your ideal choice. Made from 24 mm8mm 12mm Indian Plywood, this board measures 37x37 inches whereas the frame size measures 4x2 inches and the playing surface 29x29 inches.Original English Birch Plywood.16mm 24mm 28mm

OSW / T&S Carrom boards are approved by A.I.C.F / I.C.F Used in First World Cup in 1991.

English Play
Indian Play


28 mm

24 mm


24 mm

20 mm


12 mm

12 mm

and accessories also available.


The large playing surface gives you that additional practice area to develop your skills and knowledge for playing carrom. It is a top quality training carrom board.